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It’s no laughing matter.

When I was doing standup comedy in Los Angeles, a fellow comedian mentioned that her husband couldn’t get any job interviews after his employer, Washington Mutual, crashed.  I thought to myself, how can a man who was a VP of the largest saving & loan association not get an interview?!  It had to be his resume.

At the time, I had 6 years of recruiting and business writing under my belt, and was in my 3rd year as a hiring manager for a large tech firm.  I rewrote his resume and in the first week he had 3 interviews, one of which resulted in a high-level job offer that he accepted.  In 2009, I started The Resume Doctors.

Whether you're a grad student or an executive at Apple, a registered nurse or line chef, you deserve the same level of attention and professionalism.  So, sit back and relax.  You’re in the competent hands of the The Resume Doctors.

We make house calls.

We know getting your resume ready can seem like a daunting task.  That’s why Resume Doctor comes to you.  Let's meet up at a coffee shop, park bench, or a discreet place of your choosing, and discuss your dream career.  If meeting is not an option, everything can be done by phone and internet.

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The Resume Doctors

The Resume Doctors are professional business writers, published authors, hiring managers, head hunters, and expert resume writers.

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